Maxon's Forger update

Looks like Maxon will be showing new changes and additions to forger.
It will be interesting to see. Judging by the image released it maybe boolean, bevel tools or edge tools.

I’m sure Maxon are constantly watching the changes to Nomad.

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Hmmmm I’m guessing something like extract like a shell or something similar since that’s pretty low 9k face. :thinking: hmmm well doesn’t really remember what features forge

I started with Forger for a few months and then moved onto Nomad. I can’t even remember all the functions of Forger anymore either.:thinking:

Maxon better have some special updates to Forger. They are a big company compared to Stéphane’s Nomad.

I tried to looked for hints in the screenshot but couldn’t find any :stuck_out_tongue:.

My first thought looking at the model was either some sort of Boolean but I think it might be edge tools like bevel.

If Maxon want to lure users from Nomad back to Forger it has to be something that Nomad doesn’t have.
If they announce the same abilities that Nomad has then it’s a bit of a let down on Maxon’s part.

Forge is pretty confusing to use, for new user. Need jump back and front tools manual last time I remember using it.
In other word pretty stiff. That’s what I thought. :thinking: :smile:

Is there a Maxon secret agent in this forum? lol

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Possible in here and discord :rofl:

Well Maxon have Cinema4D in their line up, so they know how things has to be done. Worked 17 years with C4D and I really hope they build some of the tools from C4D in Forger. If so, then I’ll buy it. No sooner. For now Nomad is all I need.

Well I hope Maxon doesn’t make it go subscription based. I don’t mind paying to unlock new phases of an app but not monthly payments. It concerns me when big companies buy out little companies.
Autodesk for example has a reputation for buying software and then mothballing it or only half hearted supporting it.


Maxon is a different, at least so far.
Germany based, still perpetual license for C4D.

They were shopping around last year and expanding and spreading their portfolio. I just know about forger and also about Red Giant, a typical post production filter & plug company, which itself acquired Trapcode I.e. maker of Trapcode particular - THE particle generator for After Effects for years.
This compositing software movement is a bit confusing to me, but they are closer to After Effects than any other 3D company as C4D is installed automatically with AE.

Whatever, they are not selling rental only, which is very good.

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Indeed. I really don’t like that and I never subscribe to any software with that kind of licensing.

Most probably!

I tried forger. I like the UI spacing and reduced clutter but I really dislike most of it. There is no cut/trimming functions aside from some mask extracting. Post is very basic. No dynamic topology aside from a remesher, I can never get it to work, fails all the time. I try anything slightly poly heavy and it struggles immediately.

I think Stephane is way ahead of them. But good to keep and eye on it. :slight_smile:

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Light years ahead!

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Really? Update

Not yet. Only some teaser. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

At some point this will be interesting to see since it’s like 1 (nomad) vs 10++ (forge) :thinking:

So far it was a single person, but now I have no idea.

There is also the possibility that they simply wanted to hire the developer to work on the sculpting side of C4D, but I don’t think so now.

Anyway, let’s wait for the update, as long as it’s not * too good * :stuck_out_tongue:


You will be fine :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face: If maxon don’t put their heart into it like you. Well forge won’t go anywhere near nomad.