Forger catching headwinds, finally


Their primitives system has given Nomad a real run for it’s money.
And the modeling (extruding, etc) is starting to come together.
It’s far too wonky to actually use, but once they get the little things right, it’s going to begin battling Nomad head to head.

At the moment you can’t even rotate your view without getting dizzy, oversights over the basics makes me think that it’s going to be quite a while yet. There’s no forum for them that i could find, I’m not sure how great their product can be without the larger universal overmind input.

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Why are people so scared of Forger? Who cares if Forger suddenly gets good or even gets better than Nomad? Why is it such a big deal.

Do you have only one screwdriver? I have many, each suited for different tasks. And yet, I’m not running around saying “oh no, flathead screwdrivers are gaining ground on phillips heads”.

Nomad is a great tool. If Forger gains ground and becomes a great tool one day then use it. No need to worry and speculate on what might be. There’s already other dead posts doing that.

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Oh I’m not at all worried I’m just loyal, and it’s fun to look at things from this kind of creative-combatants POV. Plus it can give Stephone ideas.

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You can bevel any edge, create all kinds of transformations, the layout for vertice counts and such is clean as a whistle.

It’s too bad that the rest of the program is still like a screwdriver shaped like a crazy straw, the new owners may have just not gotten so far though. It could be fantastic.

Forgers needs more modeling tools can’t do much without Booleans and such.

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Nomad only has add, subtract, and intersect, and I’d argue they’re a bit hidden. I’m not sure if the flow of the program would improve if they were more out in the open.

And there’s also Xor and divide operations that aren’t there, but I personally find those two on the fringes of usefulness. I mean intersect is even sort of rare use.

Found a user case for Holger recently.
Booleans with “keep sharp edges” are already strong, but voxel based.

The issue was about to trim window frame in shape of tower.
First operation with polygon was to close a duplicate of frame for substract a hole into tower, after. Maybe a bit confusing.

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Oh yeah Nomad has it but Forger doesn’t… that’s a main modeling feature they need to add

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