Finally! I can now delete Forger

I think at the moment the app is too young to start talking about this whole business aspect. Nomad is on a good roll, it is useless to change the economic model. What we can do is make the application known throughout the world, we are still ambassadors :wink: and therefore that will ensure that its creator has enough to last a long time to work on nomad :wink:


Back to topic :grinning:
No I won’t delete Forger. It was a good companion in conjunction with Procreate to overpaint.

I just don’t use Forger anymore.

Just to be clear, the sales are good at the moment and when I’m talking about price change / update renewal, etc that’s with running a proper company in mind, with multiple worker (which isn’t planned for Nomad at the moment, it was never the initial plan).

Not going to be happen, I’ll never do this, unless Nomad became open-source maybe.

With the way it’s current going, that’s the case.
But 3d softwares are complex and I need to think about my options if at some point if I want to expand a bit.


In fact my initial thought on buying Nomad was:
“Do it now, before some crazy subscription starts.”
With pandemic caused business drop and subscriptions from big A’s,etc. I am seriously tortured enough. Subscription stopping is not an option as I would loose very good conditions.

But I understand the background of subscriptions. Better than doing nasty stuff to get kids buying the app, maybe?
Anyway, good that this is not happening now. I’ll do more advertising for you :grinning: :vulcan_salute:

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Just don’t forget about us little guys!

haha. Kidding aside, as long as stephomi gets to stay in charge…It’ll be great. He just “gets it” and understands his user base and Nomads appeal to them.

Having said that, I think he deserves all the critical (and financial) success coming his way :grin:


I wish this apps no have subcription.
Please. Please…
I love nomad.

I have buy this apps and i will cry if have to pay again for other upgrades.
I mean pay again is no problem…
But pay every mont or every year is so hard for me.
Hope this apps keep cool


i would say subscription yearly would be best too but … at a very affordable price … since if 1 dollar for 1 millions user … per month would be 1 million dollar per month … isn’t that better than charge people 10$ per month but getting only 10,000 users?