Camera preset shown on screen

When fast swapping between some cameras it would be nice to access them directly on screen optional. Something like an eye symbol to make name visible for direct tapping.


That’s a cool idea. Also, it allows you to choose to use it or not use it. By making a “passive” change you make sure that the addition of the UI element isn’t annoying to people who find it useless. That idea can be scaleable across the app into the fully customisable user interface that lots of users crave. If you want to customise then tick a box and get on with it. Save your new layout, or reset to default. Doesn’t harm anyone.

Ok. A bit off topic, but that is so cool in Infinite Painter. Just Drag and Drop the icons you want to access directly in top area for quick access. But it’s a bit unfair as 2D painting uses less tools/icons than 3Dsculpting.

I think this would only work in Nomad if there was a checkbox and tooltip that basically says “changing the UI is for advanced users that know what each tool does……abandon hope all ye who enter here” :wink:
I don’t think a long press and drag alone is the solution & I think it needs “policing” through a checkbox. I have inadvertently moved some tool icons to new locations and not noticed until my muscle memory selects the misplaced icon thinking it was a different tool.

No,no. In IP you can’t change basic UI but place the icons as a shortcut on top. It’s simple and quickly changed again.

But coming back to topic. No shortcut is left at the cube, I am afraid.
The once in use are working very well now.
Tap for a specific view, double tap for frame, long press for lock is coming. Those are making sense.
So some icons would be great.
The other option could be a free to adjust quick menu, like in Maya. But this isn’t as fast as it is pretending to be in my opinion.