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Quick question regarding web demo of Nomad Sculpt. Adding a camera view creates a on screen icon in which you can click to change to its view. But I have to pinch zoom out to see the camera icons on screen. Is there a better or faster way to do this?

Sorry, but what would you want? Do you want a feature to go back to the orginal location before selected or to go to a random location pointing to the camera?

Thanks for the reply, actually a way to quickly switch to a custom view vs having to zoom out in order switch to it.

If you look at the top menu you will see a camera icon. Click it and a panel will appear. There you will be able to select the views you set up.

If you don’t understand watch the video below

I set up two views, one at the front (Named “View”) and the other in a 3 quarter view (Named “View 1”). As you see from the video when I open the camera panel and click “View” the camera move to the front view (first view I set up). When I click “View 1” the camera move to the next view I set up (the 3 quarter view).

So that is how you can quickly move to different views.

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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In Webdemo as in actual version, you can update your stored view as well. Comes in handy if you already have a bunch of views. Just press First of right three icons (arrow down into ellipse) and camera will be replaced by actual view.
Naming helps to keep an overview.

In most 3D Apps you have two options to move the camera.

  • moving the actual view as camera view
  • moving camera icon

In regular Nomad, it is first option only so far. This is easy and precise.

Moving the camera icon is WIP in Webdemo, as I understood.
It is still confusing and not always logical or easy to understand.

I would suggest you leave camera icon as it is and still use old version till moving camera icon logic is ready.

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Thanks for all the tips and info.