Finger-only camera

I love Nomad Sculpt but there’s one thing that is frustrating me a lot right now: camera navigation. Often times I miss the boundary of a mesh at the beginning of a stroke, and this causes the camera to spin and messes up my workflow.

I’d love to see the option to disable camera movement with the stylus.


I believe the option already exists in the brush pressure settings


Some additional tips that will help:

  1. store cam views ( cam icon → add views)
  2. long press on navigation cube locks view ( two finder pan and zoom is still possible)
  3. working with orthographic views, I love camera snap shortcut. Rotate cam to somewhere close to I.e. front view, tap camera snap and it’s on full front view. Tap again and it switches to back view. Same with left, right and top, bottom. Very good.
  4. get used to navigation cube gestures. Tap to switch to full, front etc. double tap to zoom on selection.

All together, Nomad offers a well balanced bunch of tools for good navigation already.

Check manual


Huh… so it is. I can’t help but wonder why this isn’t in the settings menu. It seems like it would make a lot more sense to be in the settings for the application, since camera movement is unrelated to stylus pressure or the brushes.

These options are super easy to overlook. Thanks!