Camera rotating when trying to sculpt

I know that it’s possible to disable the pen for camera and only use touch, but I believe it could be very useful to have some sort of cage around the model you are sculpting where the pen wouldn’t affect the camera when using it for navigation.
Perhaps it could be an option similar to the outline on the selected mesh that would block camera rotation if inside it… The outline you can decide the thickness, so if you don’t want a safe zone, just leave at 0 pixel width…

Sounds like an interesting concept, but the reality of implementing that probably not worth it on the grand scale of use, it’s not a feature I’ve readily come across in other sculpting software across the board - where Nomad takes its influence from. The developer - Stephane Ginier - as he puts it, will always prioritise bugs over new software features, there’s a lot of other genuine features that need to come to Nomad first over gimmicks, and new, unexplored features like that can harm development because it can produce new bugs, and generally would take some massive internal re-wiring to get functions like that harmonious with everything inside the engine. It also has to be a feature lots of people want and ask for because its staple to many standard work flows. There is a lot more that can be done with Nomad, Stephane knows where to take it, it’s better if we focus efforts on hammering out any issues with the already included software features first, getting some of those features enhanced with more readily useful upgrades, then moving on from there. This process has kept Nomad ticking along successfully with each update.

I can understand your point, but I don’t think it should be the decision of any other user but the developer to decide if something is usefull or not, not having access to the code itself it’s hard to tell how hard it is to implement a feature, in my opinion users should request features they believe it could improve the software and not be afraid if sharing their mind, as it says it’s just a feature request and not feature demand :hugs: the dev has done a terrific job so far, and if we throw ideas it’s only for trying to improve the soft we love…
Having said that, I don’t think we should use other softwares as the sole standard, as nomad is used in touchable devices with small screens more often than not.
Where in PCs you have keyboard keys that it’s used to manipulate the camera, blender for example, nomad has a very limited amount of input, touch and stylus… To come up with an UX that is perfect for this limitations it’s a very hard work and nomas is doing great, but maybe it could improve further… The feature i proposed could b disabled and wouldn’t affect the workflow of those that don’t want to use it…
In nomad you can limit the camera to the touch only, and that mitigates part of the problem, but it forces you to remove your hand from the corner with the shortcuts in order to navigate the model, reducing the speed you can work a little bit, if the part you sre working on is small and you use the pen to also rotate the camera, it could happen that you rotate instead of brushing since the area is so small, this safe zone could help in this situation.
But I totally get that bugs has priority and that the dev has his feature list in mind, but maybe new ones could be added and he may not know all workflows the users have for his amazing software, as a community we should always suggest what we think it could help the program.
I hope you don’t take this personal, I’m just sharing my opinion on why ppl should share their ideas.
Kind regards

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I never take points personal my friend I enjoy debating, I’m blunt by nature but logical and that’s how I carry myself, equally my comments should never extend to the personal circle either so I hope you feel the same, were all equals, irregardless, that will always be my world view.

Its that equality is what drives my comments, you’re right with a lot of points; but in the same breathe, innovation is generally driven by a needs of many, and the lack of substance filling a gap, whats useful in sculpting and any software has been tested and proven by public use, trial and error, and is refined as it is.

Everyone can suggest a new innovative, untested feature - but without a physical concept demonstration, concept art of the idea in use, some research to back it up or public views, or even a bit of market research in terms if this is even functional or if anyone will use it (Proof of Concept, basically), i’d argue that would need presenting thoroughly before full hog development begins on it for any developer accepting requests. a feature like what you suggested would need some deep coding and a thorough retooling of the engine so it worked across the board with no serious bugs, only Stephane could confirm that however.

Keyboard support is something I think being explored, but because it’s not running on windows platform where thats generally needed, shortcuts are all thats in for the mean time. Completely agree that people should share ideas, features, etc, and if you notice; there will be many views and little response. This is why I actively get involved and respond. Innovation is a subjective issue, one could argue Apple removing charging bricks was innovative to help reduce waste, because the entire big OEM market followed suit, other will say that harms consumers. It’s a toss up. New ideas are sometimes best left on the drawing table until someone big decides to have a crack at it first, losses can be offset, PR can be absolved. Too risky for the smaller guys. That’s just my input my friend. My brain is very much business oriented with these kind of subject matters.

Just to add on the topic of new features for Nomad: There’s a lot of requests for Armature support to be implemented, which I agree with personally; yet that is a big job alone which would undoubtedly need a few builds afterward to be fully functional and work seamless across the board with no defects or aberrations when interacting with other software functionality. I think SSS is on the cards for future builds also which is a welcome addition.

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Cool I’m glad u don’t take it personally, reading text on a forum can always lead to bad interpretation.

Yes I agree with you that things should be tested and concepts b made before any serious implementation starts, and perhaps this feature would be too complex to code …even though I believe this one shouldn’t be too hard since the code to drawn an outline is already in, would just need to check against it before start rotating the camera, I would imagine… But not knowing the code it’s just assumptions.
Another thing that I agree is on ppl feedback, perhaps more ppl reading this might find the idea useful and weight in, it’s the beauty of an open forum, but someone must write the idea first…

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Undoubtedly, reading text there is no way to convey syllables or annunciation so words can be misrepresented in meaning, this is why I prefer a neutral approach, in the same written context I give praise I will also question. (Personally the ‘’im friendly but condescending’’ approach i see on social i find pervasive and annoying so neutrality is favoured (speaking on personal experience only not alluding to yourself)) You obviously have some deeper understanding of the coding complexities of app design as well, so it’s useful when someone suggesting features has some meaningful background knowledge to know of its implementation. Chanelling the voice of this otherwise majorly silent community by getting some to speak out a bit is the goal, there’s a lot who are reading this and not enough dropping in their two cence. The fact you and I can bat n’ ball topics so freely should hopefully encourage others to start jumping in on threads. I like your suggestions and I equally aplaud your tenacity to uphold them. I can see us having many more fruitful discussions in the future my friend.

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