Camera view bug?

I recently started to have this issue and not sure if its a bug. When adding a camera view, nomad deselects the mesh and selects the camera. I manipulate the model save a view and it selects the camera, cycling through the two views nothing changes and camera is selected. I can open old files with saved camera views and when i cycle through them they work fine, but when I update/ add a view, it seems to break and go back to selecting the camera. Is there an option somewhere i inadvertently selected that causes this action?

I don’t understand the problem, what’s the issue?

If you add a new camera, yes, it’s going to select this camera node.

It doesnt change to the saved view. It just selects the camera icon. I can rotate object then save view, rotate object again save a new view and when i click on the prevous view it just selects the camera node and doesnt switch to the saved view.

Disregard, i just realized i wasnt altering the view just the object. Long day, sorry for wasting time