Saved Camera + Reference Images

Hi Stephane! Found a benign little quirk recently; if a reference image is active + a camera view is saved, it saves also the reference image with it - so if I untick the reference widget, and get rid of the image - hitting the saved camera will bring it back up and re-enable it. Benign but just a little mention my friend! Merci beaucoup! :innocent:

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It’s not a bug, it’s on purpose.

The camera view saves the reference image settings.


Oh ok! Normal behaviour, something new I’ve learnt! Thanks for the reply dude! :smile:

And it‘s a very handy feature, John. Maybe not in your case? But for blockout, you can save a front, top, and side view camera together with according ref. pic I.e. Super useful as it is just one click to change everything. Or save different views with different background images for render.

Imagine you would have same for lights and post processing. And you could save all these sets separate and load into other scenes……

Nomad is on a very good way! Remember that there is this tiny arrow down icon. Use this to update your view to change background image but not the camera for instance :vulcan_salute:

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Ahh, yes! I see! Never thought to use the camera + ref in that manner, very useful indeed! Thank you my friend :blush:

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