Link reference image with camera

Hi, one of few things I miss in Nomad is the ability to link the camera and the reference image together temporarily.

In “linked” mode, the usual camera movement gestures would transform the reference exactly like it does right now when pressing the manual “transform reference” button.

But it would move the 3D viewport content as well in a way it stays exactly on top of the reference. I think technically it would be equivalent to moving, rotating and scaling the sensor of the camera.

When “unlinking” the sensor would snap back to the default position, so it would still make sense to keep the separate “transform reference” button

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I was about to write this but Im glad it have been requested.

Im sculpting body with 3 ref at same time.
It is a pain to each sec have to move/scale/snap sides

Could we get a clean and fast way to setup and access temp position for ref?

and how is the best way to go about it now?


Save a view?

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Yes. Append on the very bottom on the right buttons with saved views for fast access of pre-saved views as suggestion of UX.

You can already save view

I found now the add views and the buttons to navigate.
But when I rotate the view, the panel with navigation goes away and I have to go back to Camera icon again and again.

Could we have option to pin the panel?
Also lock if possible. Small adjustments from edge trigger the rotation istead of brush like move.

I think the best solution for that (which would happen to solve my feature wish as well :grin:) would be if locking the view (long press view cube) could lock the camera in position even when navigating.

The navigation would be a 2D kind of navigation then which doesn’t change the camera position, but only the “crop” region (including the reference image).


+1 for locked (image and model) 2D zoom/pan.

Any example of a software that implements that?
Whouldn’t adding a 2d textured plane enough?

I tried but could never get used to using textured planes for reference, first there’s parallax, also it wouldn’t be as easy as it is now to match the camera/fov to the reference image

Here’s an example from Softimage:

ignore the audio :grinning:

Yes, 3ds max, maya, blender, C4D…

here’s an example: 2D Pan Zoom - Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 - YouTube

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So basically it’s like in when you have a photo and want to add some models correctly in them and once you have done it, you cannot really change the image and the camera which are more or less ‘glued’ together. But you can move the 3d Object or do a dolly camera movement.

Is that somehow correct?

Great idea then :slight_smile:

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Yes except dolly would be prevented too, in lock mode. Along with all other movements of the camera. Only thing allowed would be zoom and the 2D transform (+2D rotate)

It would make working on smaller screens much easier with reference. A textured plane work too but only for orthographic cameras because of the perspective distortion when moving.

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