Reference image does not scale

Yesterday I tried to use an image (charakter T-pose) as a background reference for sculpting. But when I zoom in, the image does not scale together with the object I’m working on. That makes it really hard to sculpt after that reference. Is there a way to fix this?

No camera lock for reference.
You can use textured planes.
Holger posted a free drag and drop png to obj online service.

Else, you can use Procreate I.e.
Again Holger

He made another tut about it as well.

Of course he did. :joy:

Will check this out. Thank you. :+1:

Is there a particular reason for why there is no (optional) camera lock for references? I have no idea, how hard it is to implement something like this.

Reference images are also in other packages not rotate able.
A camera lock to zoom and pan yes, but if you want to rotate around, the 3 view plane setup is very common.
You can’t do it in Nomad, as it does not allow UV painting in any way.
Import only.

Some day it will come.

Even then, reference is very likely to keep 2D. Reference can be just inspiration.

I totally get the issues with rotate. I know this from Blender and the solution with the textured empties. However I was surprised that the scaling stuff did not work. But with the plane-workaround it won’t be an issue.

With first link it’s one minute. If your png has transparency, it will keep transparency. Just switch material to blend. It’s fantastic!