Retain the size of individual references

It would really benefit the sculpting if I could keep the transformation of every reference rather than changing it every time we want to swap images. What do you think?
For example, I have references for the scull, eyes etc. I have to resize them every time. Subconsciously I become lazy to even use the reference in the first place :wink:

Maybe this helps:

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To answer short:
Create camera view per reference! Everything regarding ref picture is saved there as well.
Front, side, back with different references are possible, and accessible with one click.

You can update this view as well afterwards with arrow down icon.
Further more there is a lock by long press on navigation cube.
This will help a bit.

Other option:
Create reference planes in Nomad. Create UV if necessary. Export to Procreate. Add your ref pictures there. Export to Nomad.
Now you have same ref situation than in any other 3D app.

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