Importing Reference Image

Amazing app, and before this post I had no idea it is a one man development team. Kudos to you. Love the UI and still exploring all its features.

For doing portrait likeness or any replication of real world object it is very helpful to have reference images up on the screen. If there is a way to load up one or couple of images and have it docked or floating on the side like you can using Zbrush spotlight would be amazing.

In app, you can use the reference tool to place an image in the background.

You can also “paint” planes with reference images.

Outside of that, if you’re on an iPad you can multitask and have images open alongside Nomad. Not sure about Androids with this.

A quick search of the forums should yield a few results on how to do all.

If you’re on iPad, as @RogerRoger suggested, you can open up your Photos app in Split View.

However, I personally just found ‎VizRef on the App Store, which I purchased for just $3.99 and use that with Split View.

Here’s a quick video on how you’d use it:

Here is another option. In the Camera Menu (the camera symbol in the upper left corner) you can define different views.


  • Select the front view
  • Open camera menu
  • click “Add View”
  • Rename the view “Front” by clicking on the pencil icon

Now you can switch to the background menu (the one next to the camera menu - looks like a postcard)
Here you can add a reference image. Now - either in der camera menu with the current view selected or in the popup menu that’s showing right on the canvas - click the"update view" icon (the one with the arrow pointing down).

You now have a defined view with an specific reference image in the background. You can define more views, each one with it’s own background image. BUT - in order to be able to use the different images you have to specifically select the views. Just rotating the view in the canvas won’t make the background image switch.

However you should be aware that when using the “background image” option, the image does not scale with the object you are working on. So when zooming in on the object, the background image will NOT scale accordingly. So this whole workflow is not very helpful when you want to model after a reference (like a character T-pose). If you wann ado that, you must do what RogerRoger said: Add a plane and paint a texture on it. I had the same problem recently:

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One of the best apps for references is the Yoink app.
Picture in Picture is absolutely handy. You can also browse multiple pictures as a slideshow…

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