Reference Image Pop Up

I would love if Nomad could implement a reference pop up like the one in Procreate. It’s incredibly useful when practicing.

If you can’t wait. There is a great app (Yoink) for such PIP reference images. There you can show a whole series of references, in any app. Yoink can do much more, of course… Nomad Sculpt / Procreate - use Yoink App for Reference Pictures Fotos PIP - YouTube

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  1. Do you know the background / reference image function inside NomadSculpt ?? :heart: This will do 85% of your needs. If I need a collage with several views/images, I prepare that in a pixel app before going to Nomad.
    Background | Nomad Sculpt

  2. If you want a free floating app, there is DrawRef using IPadOS PIP function for reference as well. There is also a very good paid reference app, if you really need more functions, forgot it’s name. I’ll come back with it later.

  3. Holger made a useful Video about making reference picture in 3D space with the help of Procreate. No need to use a cube, could be a simple plane as well. Or three planes - front view, side view, back view

Reference in 3D space


VizRef is the paid app for multiple floating pictures. That is a serious reference app.

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The PIP apps are interesting ideas. Thanks for the info and links.
Sadly I use PIP to watch movies and shows while working on art. So I’m going to try figure out that background image reference option.

Update: Figured it out. Will definitely do for now. :slight_smile: