Two views , splitted screen

Hi , this is my first post and I must say it is a great software Nomad.
Now my question is, is it posìsible to have a split view, one for modeling other just to have a background image.
I feel it is some dificult to me in one single view image + modeling.

Hmm it’s not planned, I feel like it would be a bit overkill for a sculpting app and more importantly it wouldn’t be practical on small screen.
Also it’s not straightforward to implement.

If you’re on iPad you can get de the multitasking option. Open nomad and photos at the same time.

Other than using the photos app in split screen on the ipad pro, there is a great app called VizRef that allows you to collate a bunch of reference images and in split screen, zoom / pan etc, without leaving nomad / procreate etc.

How about an on / off corner window like a sillouette in Zbrush?

Split screen view on iPad would be nice to have Pinterest or VizRef open next to Nomad.
Dragging an image onto Nomad would be nice (replace current reference image).
As an alternative, copy (from other app) paste an image into the reference image.