Option to add a 2d image into the scene or lock position of background relative to model

While similar to (current) background, it would add a jump in useability as the reference image could move and zoom with the camera. Whereas right now it’s quite awkward, as I find I’m constantly repositioning and fiddling with camera repeatedly to check different angles.

Ability to have multiple references at different angles can also be useful.


+1 It may be great option

Something like this would be very handy.

A two plane object tool that you can load a separate colour image on each side would be a big benefit.

You can fudge this at the moment by using the plane object and turning an image into an alpha and adjust the material settings. Not perfect but it can help.


I really want this.

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This was helpful, @Holger_Schoenischka ! Thank you so much, I was thinking the texture would be lost after saving in Nomad. Don’t know why?

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