Camera Views / Object List 1.66+

The new 1.66+ versions have the saved camera views in the object list as well as the camera menu. It’s nice, but the problem is that when selecting the camera view from either objects menu or the camera menu, you loose selection of the actual object you’re working on. This causes you to tap the saved view you want, then open the objects list, select the object you’re working on, then sculpt. It’s adds a couple steps and slows the workflow.

In 1.65- you could choose the desired saved view and your object selection would remain on the object you’re sculpting.

Any way we can get the behavior of 1.65 back? That way we’re not having to take additional step to return to sculpting the model?

Also, any way we can have the option to pin the views menu?

“Bug Report” are for bugs, stuffs that I should fix without any debate, not feature request or improvements.

You don’t have to open any menu, simply click on the object in the viewport.
The only additional step is that you have to tap once on your mesh.

In 1.65 you couldn’t select the camera, only focusing on them.
Any scene hierarchy has camera node, and they should be selectable.
If I make them hard to select I’ll get complaints as well.
I’ll probably make an exception with the key binding shortcut first (it also means the keybinding won’t make appear the camera popup).

Every contextual menu is tied to the selection.
Primitive, Light, Camera or Repeaters.

Apologies for categorizing it incorrectly, I wasn’t sure if it was a bug as it behaved differently before.

The problem with clicking on the mesh is that often it may get hidden behind something. Even when using the Lock tool, switching to a saved view it selects the camera - it unselects the object and makes the Lock button useless.

Saved views are nice because I can swap back and forth to see progress and make edits without loosing my selection. The new way makes this difficult because when something is hidden (or hard to tap/select in the viewport) you now have to go into the object menu and find that object.

I understand the need to select the camera as an object, but can we have a way of selecting the saved view without selecting the camera? Perhaps using the camera menu as before? Shown here:

Clicking these allowed changing to the saved view without unselecting an object.

Also, with the Lock button, when you select the view it overrides the lock and selects the camera.

Then, when trying to select the object you’re working on, since the lock button is still on you can’t select the object because the lock button doesn’t allow you to. So you have to unlock, select object, then re-lock.


  1. Open Camera menu
  2. Select view
  3. Return to sculpting


  1. Open camera menu
  2. Select view
  3. Open object menu
  4. Select object
  5. Return to sculpting
  • You can skip steps 3 and 4 IF you can select your object in the viewport (very often hard or impossible if something is in front of your desired object - think about translucent objects, etc.).
  • if using the Lock button you are unable to skip steps 3 & 4

I already explained the issue.

Every contextual menu is tied to the selection.

If no camera is selected, there is no contextual pop, so no next/previous button.
And to me it’s more important than the workflow “I have lock enabled and I like to toggle camera through the menu without changing the selection”.

On mobile opening the camera menu is impractical.
Lock icon is disabled by default (not many people use it).

The only solution is to change the display logic of the contextual menu, but it implies other things.