Fix / Locked camera view ? For Illustrators :)

I’m an illustrator and wondering if its possible to fix / lock 1 camera view as final view - and possibly have a working camera where I can rotate around while finetuning?
(Similar how you work in Blender or in Cinema 4D to only detail what you really need and visible in the final)
Another interesting feature could be reference / navigator view where you can see your final composition (procreate now implemented it but a nice older example is Infinite painter or classic photoshop navigator window)

Thanks a lot!


You can’t save camera viewpoint for now.
However if you use a stylus you can choose to interact with the camera only finger, while the pencil will be ignored.

Navigator view is interesting but not planned for now, maybe in the future or in another form (typically displaying a silhouette, etc)


I was just going to mention silhouette, would be nice, and it would indeed combine well with the feature that is asked for in the post.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, as I’m rotating around the reset camera icon could work for that in the future (to set a new default camera or switch between cameras)
I know its not the most requested feature, but will be really helpful in the future :slight_smile: