Missions options on the scene menu and other problems

Hi, my scene menu lack the 3 little dots and others options .also i cannot sculpt on differents objects without merging them. I don’t Know why but my menu doesn’t look like the ones on YouTube tutorials.thanks a lot

I removed the 3 dots menu, the options have been moved in topology menu (or directly in scene menu for Separate).

Also it’s normal that you can sculpt on a single mesh at the same time, all 3d apps that I know work the same way.

Thanks a lot for your response. The problem i have is that i can’t keep separate objects like eyes,nose etc and work without merging them. I have seen peoples on tutorials doing it so i must be doing something Wrong ,but i can’t find what.thanks again for your super Quick response and excuse me for my bad english.
Ps: your app is awesome.

You can simple merge objects and then work on them all together. You just need to deselect connected topology in the brush stroke menu for whatever tool you’re using, then you can work across objects without fully voxel merging them :+1:t2: