Hi i have problem with missing function in scene

Hello I’m new here and I have a problem with a tutorial from yt.
there was a function that allows you to cut an object from an object and it is not there and I need it very much.
I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t find this problem and I don’t know where to look. If someone could explain it to me or point me to a website, I’d be grateful.

Look at the manual under “Subtraction”. Is this what you’re wanting?

Select main object in scene. Select cutting object in scene and hide it with eye icon. Voxel remesh and you’ll get a Boolean cut.
If you hide both objects & remesh then you will end up with the intersection of both objects.

thanks for the answer but that’s not the problem. this scene doesn’t look like in the tutorial and I don’t know why. I’m still posting what it looks like now

When was the tutorial made? The UI has evolved over the life of the program.

What exactly are you looking for?

I am looking for this function. I don’t have anything like what I showed earlier

In the scene menu, they’re now icons at the top. Simple Merge was renamed to Join. Voxel Merge is the same.

After tapping the Voxel Merge icon, you’ll get a dialog box which give you options for merging.

You need 2 object, the cutter and the object that you want to cut before you have that “Voxel Merge” option

thank you all for what you wrote now I know how to do it and above all you rogerroger for showing it to me

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