Forum request — ‘Feature Request’ as a separate category

I noticed a ton of feature requests in the lounge. It might make sense to break that into its own category. That would save time reading the titles, too. Just a thought! :slight_smile:

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Yes I’ll probably do that.

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Thanks for being so receptive and responsive to feedback. Best of luck to you! :smiley:

Great idea.
Until that’s a sticky post, I’d like to add a request to have a ‘Copy’ Button added to the UI. Maybe next to ‘Move’ or ‘Rotate.’
As of now, I copy the mesh from the layers menu.
If there is a faster way to select an item and copy it I’m not aware.

The only way is through the duplicate icon in the scene panel.

OK. Thanks.
I love playing around with this program = very nice. Very intuitive.

I have OBJ’s that I’ve imported. I’d like to use one as the cutting tool.
The only way I’ve seen that can do that is using the Voxel merge. When I use that the other imported OBJ gets a little too jaggy.
Is there another method or a workaround for the mesh degradation?

I think you are talking about subtraction, not cutting.

For now subtraction only works through the voxel remesher, but you can increase the resolution slider in the topology menu.

Thank you.