Scene - objects duplicating & other things

Hi , I’m new to Nomad (brilliant app) I’ve started 2 weeks ago
I have a request about duplicating objects from the scene.

When duplicating the new one goes on last position of the scene list and I have to scroll all the way down to access the duplicated object (btw the duplicated on could have _copy added to the name for visual purpose)
Could it be possible to add the new object just beneath the one we clicked duplicate ?

Other things that are a bit confusing to me :

  • when clicking the delete button there is no pop up asking to confirm of course you can undo but you can also lose objects if you clic the wrong button and don’t note

  • when scrolling down the list with my thumb, sometimes it hides or select the objects because I’m too close to the icons , you have to swippe exactly between these , would be great to have an option to interact with the scene list only with pencil or add a special marging for the swipping.

  • Another thing that is more complicated , when simple merging objects it would be really a game changer if the object could collapse in a folder that could be accessed to change the objects in it (like photoshop), yeah I know this one is tricky (I remember the time it took to Pixologic to get a “decent” object list … )

  • Last thing, could be a great addon if we could choose a color for the layers in the scene (even limited colors), could be usefull ex: I choose red on every object that is face related (again like in photoshop)

I’m enjoying again organic modeling on my brand new Ipad pro (I had put aside on desktop) thanks to your amazing app and thank you for the amazing work you put in it.

Ps: I don’t ask for UV unwrapping I know it’s a mess if not done manually after retopo :wink:
Sorry if I’m not clear enough I’m french

Hi and welcome :vulcan_salute:

Let me try to answer some questions.
Duplicating, when transform Gizmo is active, you have the duplicate option also available on left menu stripe. Tap it and object will be duplicated in place and you can move it immediately without entering scene menu. The insert mesh tool has a clone function as well, works with symmetry btw.
But while writing, I understand that you mean the placing inside the scene list.

All your other requests are not new. The scene menu has a bunch of options to optimise. Still it’s already better than in zBrush. Folders are something more complicate as it seems. But there is a thread where you can contribute with your precise ideas.
I like color for organisation, like in PS.

But talking about UVs, there will be an experimental implementation in next release. :smiley:
An extremely cool thing about Nomad - you can test the upcoming release in Safari.
Not saveable for sure but the ultimate transparency in development.

Welcome again and have fun

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I didn’t see the Gizmo options on the menu stripe that’s really cool and much faster then opening the scene list , thanks for the great tip :ok_hand:
I’ll take a look on the demo but I think UVs have always been complicated (I’ve tried so much software past years)
I dream for a magic button but wait we are on IPAD and the app is 15$ … :laughing:

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