System level copy/paste?

Currently on iOS there’s very simple copy/paste support in Nomad; rendering an image or exporting a model will use the ios share dialog, that lets you save to a location, or copy to the system clipboard to paste into other apps.

Would it be possible to extend that, and to support system clipboard paste into Nomad?

Eg right now its an extra step to get images from the screenshot tool, safari, paint apps. It’d be great if we could hold on an image in, say, Messenger, choose ‘Copy’, go to Nomad, Alpha, ‘Import…’, and chose ‘Paste’.

I know the aim is for nomad to stay as cross platform as possible, but I assume android has similar functionality?

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Hm - you mean an “import from clipboard” feature?

Yep pretty much.

Here is an old discussion on this topic.