Cloud or multi platform save files

the ability to be able to view my saved projects among different devices.

the easiest way to make this possible is probably to allow nomad to load saved projects from a designated folder so that I could use Dropbox or something to share saved projects. or just any method of being able to share saved projects across devices.

use case? well my main cell phone I can view my nomad work but this cell phone is not compatible with the tablet I use for sculpting that I use a spare android phone with. I’d like to be able to go back and forth without plugging my phones together or saving and copying off of my pc

I do this using an autosync program in android, I have my projects autosynced to my google drive, and then I have each device autosync back from the google drive.

oh really? thanks. what app is this you use then? this would be good solution for backups as well as I kept breaking my phone too hehe

AutoSync by MetaCtrl - I paid a few dollars for it.