Save backup via files?

Hi all,

Newbie here.

I’m sure this has been covered before but how do I backup my nomad project to say something like Dropbox or Google drive?

I find drag & drop convenient.
Open files / onmyiPad/ Nomad / Projects
Open Dropbox /Backup destination

I like to use Split view for this.

Works flawless.

There are apps like Filebrowser that lets you connect to any network drive, even on PC.
WD Cloud HD works very fast as well.
Newer devices with USB connection are offering even more options.

You need to do it manually, by copying the files that are in the Nomad folder.

If you are on Android see FAQ | Nomad Sculpt

I’ve set up a shortcut to handle this very issue. I basically tap the short cuts and it copies my local Nomad/projects folder up to my iCloud in a folder of the same name. It overwrites each time. This means I have a central location online where I cam load projects from my iPad mini and the pro.

How do you do this? Is it within IOS to setup the shortcut?

I was asking that myself.

Without knowing, I guess it’s the Apple’s Shortcut app, but didn’t had time to figure it out. Seems to be seriously powerful though.
If someone have a workflow, please don’t hesitate to share. Backup is super important and should be a no brainer. I guess this solution is close to that.

Hi guys, yes I used the short cuts app.
Here’s a screen grab of the recipe

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What do you need the copy to clipboard function for ? Wouldn’t Save be enough ? I am not so familiar with the shortcuts, I only ask because several GB may overload the clipboard…

Yeah, it’s probably not needed I added it because it was copying not moving’ you could try it without

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