How to backup/save projects (ipad)?

I wonder what is the right way to externally store my nomad projects.
Does using iTunes’ “File Sharing” feature and getting the .glb.lz4 files from within the “projects” folder suffice? Or perhaps everything that appears in iTunes except the “can_be_deleted” folder?

Occasionally I just copy my whole nomad folder to the FILES app. Just a quick and easy backup.
From there you can put it on a computer, hard drive, etc.

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thanks @RogerRoger! It seems that “Files app” exposes the same files that iTunes’ “File Sharing” does; I feel safer now :smile:

I still wonder though what would be the ideal way of backing up/copying/transplanting (eg to android) individual projects. Would copying the .glb.lz4 do, or do I need something extra?

In short:
Files app / on my ipad / Nomad Folder / select projects / choose “more” in right down corner and copy / go to destination i. e. dropbox / choose backup folder / long press till “paste” appears / tap paste. Done!

Via Files App / on my ipad, I can navigate to Nomad folder. Open this I choose select and tap on project.
Then on right down corner I tap “more” and choose copy.

Now I navigate to my destination. That could be Icloud drive, but also Google drive, Dropbox (working here nicely) WD Mycloud or I use FileBrowser app to get access to any harddrive on any device in my network.

In backup folder I do a long press until “paste” dialogue appears. I choose paste and it’s done.