Saving to iCloud

Is there a simple way to save projects to iCloud? I don’t see an option within the app.

I’d like to be able to sync between devices. The current way is to save the project, go into the files app, copy from the Nomad folder, paste into an iCloud fielder, then open/import on another device. A bit of a pain.

There’s a “Save As” option in Nomad but you only choose the project name, not where to save it. Any way you can add where to save it?

You can export in glb with the default settings, it’s the same as the internal project.
You might want to compress the fill as sculpting files can be pretty big.

Could you make it so we can save/sync the projects the same way? That way, all settings and everything are transferred over.

Maybe in the future but first I need to change the way I handled thumbnails.
Right now I’m using “hidden” folders but it’s not a serious solution as you can’t copy or backup these files.
It’s an issue because when you launch Nomad, if there is no thumbnails associated with a project file it’ll load the model and generate it. So you can get a long freeze at startup.

To be honest, backup drive is not a high priority feature because sculpting files can be huge so I’m not sure a sculpting app is the best candidate for full sync documents.