Feature request: set save location

Maybe I just didn’t find the setting yet, because I am new to this app, but could you implement a preference setting to set another save location than the default folder?
I would like to automatically save my projects to the iCloud instead of the local folder to have all the data on my iPhone and the iPad.


That’s not possible.
Sculpting files can be huge, so Nomad is not the best candidate for automatic sync.

I just looked at Procreate and it seems they don’t have it either, and their reason is the same https://folio.procreate.art/discussions/4/10/27698 (Aimee answers)

I would also need to update the way I handle thumbnails projects, which is another straighforward.

Note that if you export to glb with the default settings, the result is the same as an internal project.
Compressing the glb will greatly reduce its size.

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