Nomad+ iPad Pro + external storage: any issues?

Fairly soon I’m going to run out of space on my 2021 iPad Pro. I’m thinking of using an external drive. I was just wondering whether there are any issues using an external drive with Nomad files.
Does a nomad project file contain everything associated with the project (uv images etc). If I copy all the files from the Nomad project folder onto an external drive, and my IPad gets wiped, will all the projects be recoverable from the external drive; there’s nothing else I need to copy onto the drive?
Lastly, if anyone else is using an external drive with their iPad Pro, which one are you using, would you recommend it.
Thanks for any feedback.

Everything is in the Nomad folder, it should work fine.

If you have a MacBook the easiest is simply to use AirDrop, otherwise I know nothing about external hard device.

Thanks. I only have iPad Pro, which should work with external drives. However in some videos on YouTube about iPad and external storage, people have occasional issues (not videos about Nomad, just videos about iPads and external storage generally)

As Stephomi mentioned, it should be fine. I use iCloud to move between my phone and iPad Pro and haven’t noticed any issues.

Do you have a pc? I transfer everything to iCloud. Then on my pc I use the iCloud app to move it to an external drive for backup. It works well.

That’s a good idea. My pc is getting a bit old, but it should be up to that! Have you ever tried connecting the external drive direct to iPad?

There are different options as well to consider:

  • You could use your own home cloud via wdcloud drive from western digital I.e. (you can make it accessible from everywhere via internet as well)
    8TB for something like 300€ paid once.

  • there are apps making your PC harddrives accessible for your iPad. I use File Browser pro, which has sync functionality as well. (Paid)

  • Dropbox works flawless here (paid)

  • Google drive without any issues. 15 GB free

  • moving data between IOS devices = there is nothing more convenient than AirDrop

But as I am on an old iPad Pro with lighting, I could not check harddrives directly connected.

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Thanks for the ideas. I suppose cloud storage is actually better protection against loss of files than a physical hard drive, but I do like the idea of actually having the physical drive! Probably makes sense to max out the free cloud options as well though.

I’ve never had the need to plug in external storage straight to my iPad so I wouldn’t know. But I’ve plugged my iPad into my pc and it works fine.

I like having a physical backup as well. I just back up my iCloud to an external hard drive and I haven’t noticed any issues with it.

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Me as well. I would have used an external drive, if I would have USB-C.
I expect it to be pretty much faster.

Would be nice to hear a speed comparison.

Under the line it is all about speed and access. If it’s fast and quickly accessible - it is my choice.
Best if I can run sync in background.

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