Cloud share between nomad iPad/iPhone

Probably not possible as it’s cloud type stuff.

But it would be really nice to have models available to use on the iPhone as well as iPad. I do 70% on my iPad and 30% on iPhone. So maybe sculpt on iPad and open the iPhone version and the update is there to continue.

Is that maybe possible? Thx! Guess I could Google drive drop them model back and forth?.

There is a free iPad app called Gravity Sketch that uses their own cloud platform which gives 1gb for free. It allows transfer between iPad / PC & Oculus Quest but is similar to Google Drive or Dropbox. Cloud drives require server infrastructure that cost money - lots of money & administration that I’m certain Stephane does not want.
Airdrop between devices is the way to transfer between devices - not sure if Airdrop can be easily integrated into the file system of Nomad, but it definitely works in the Files app on both devices. It’s not as good as using cloud but if you make the file transfers before you leave the iPad behind then you’re good to go. Simply airdrop the file and you are offered “open in Nomad” on the transfer device :+1:t2:

Airdrop is probably the easiest indeed.

I don’t have an iPhone but when I AirDrop from my MacBook Air, the file directly open in Nomad on my iPad (make sure to save it first though).

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Okay sounds good, yeah that’s easy enough. Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: