Auto-save (or at least recover gracefully) when closed automatically by iOS

A few times, I’ve switched away from nomad to look for reference images, and come back to the app having been unloaded from memory, and reloading my last auto save, which is a few minutes old.

Not a huge deal, of course, but mildly annoying. Iirc, iOS sends an event to background apps it’s about to close. Could something be done then to save any unsaved work?

I can autosave when the app goes to background but I prefer not to.
The main reason is that you have a limited amount of time, and if it fails the autosave might be corrupted.

If iOS decided to kill Nomad it probably means the scene was taking lot of memory.

Makes sense.

Knowing basically nothing about how Nomad is structured: I don’t suppose it’d be possible (or better) to save like, the undo/redo history since last save, so it could get replayed on reopen?

Though, I suppose that could blow up if the user modified the save file outside of Nomad then reopened.

I’ve actually been wondering if there’s a way you could just save delta changes to projects, rather than a full save. That would be nice if it sped up saving, and could allow for project versioning.

Probably more risk of corrupted project files, though. :frowning:

Saving undo/redo is a potential nightmare because you need to make sure you can always read the history in future version, and it should act exactly the same.

That’s why most 3d software doesn’t support it.

Ah, true. Fair enough. Thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile: