Unsaved project disappeared

Hi! I was working on my model, had a call and leave my iPad, but didn’t close the app. After that the scene was black of course and before opening the app I saw an email notification, so I open that email before returning to nomad.
After reading my email, I went back to nomad and I found a black project showing just a sphere :sob:

The file was small. It’s not that bas to start over, but I’m just sad, I liked what I achieved in that short time.

I never saved it, so there is no temporal file or anything right?
Or maybe there is some way to recover that?

I don´t know if this is too hard to fix, I’ve found another post from 2020, I understand is important that us have to save our project, but sometimes this things happen, I had a sudden call and I just leave me iPad in my table and walk away.

I would like to trust Nomad to keep my work safe in that moment even if I forgot to save it.

Maybe create an automatically saved file called “temporal01” and once we save it delete that auto saved project?

I don´t know, I hope Stephane arrives here and tell me “don’t be sad you can found your project in this hidden folder” or something :laughing:

It’s not a bug. Yes, save regularly.

Except sculpting files can be huge, this is the core of the issue.

Manual saving is just part of computer architecture. Always have to create a manual save file first, then Auto-Save can take care of everything in user-controlled time intervals to prevent things like this from happening. But always have to make that first manual save first - which is a considerably good habbit to get into when working with complex creative software. Moving off of mobile platforms and this is the norm with all.

Understood 🥲 yes I always save, I’m used to that from using photoshop and illustrator everyday.
Luckily I was just starting this sculpt, no real loss.
I was surprised that I didn’t any hard work with the iPad when this happened.
I just leave my workspace for a few minutes, and then I opened an email before opening Nomad again.

It was a sad surprise to see nomad blank from scratch :laughing:

okay thank you for your time to both of you

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Note that when you move an app to the background, it’s up to iOS to save restart the app or not.
If you are low on RAM it will usually kill the app.

On the first versions of Nomad I was saving the project when the app was moving on background.
But the issue is I couldn’t guarantee that it would succeed because iOS only leaves you a limited amount of time for the app to save the file.
It works great for small configuration file but for sculpting that could be bug, it’s basically hit or miss and I didn’t want to rely on this.