Project save issues

I am not using this Android app, in a regular way due to my study .in free times I am work in nomad app only so that’s why I forget it’s to do manual save .most humbly to request this to fix it on next update.The project Auto save is temporary save. its not save with inside (permanent) project it’s only save for open (temporary) the project.
I lost my whole latest works which had done in past few week ago. so hello developer I will request to you please give options to choose those who wants to save they saved temporary & those who want to save permanent who have saved permanent. please fix this bugs for future
:disappointed:.This is only one footage there are lots of I have .

Sorry to hear you lost your work. I am not the developer (that is @stephomi) I am just responding to your query. You need to create a manual save first then project auto-save will save it properly, like any other software.

I don’t understand exactly what you are saying, it’s a bit confusing.

But yes, as @John_Mills said, save regularly!

Otherwise take a look in Android/data/com.stephaneginier.nomad/files/data/projects/, you might find your autosave.

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just i want to say that project Auto save is easy to save your project within set of duration . Every time to do manual save is a little bit tough to focus to your on work .its get diverted so that’s why I want option to save for permanent Autosave ,something like switching between two options one is for thats which is default one is Auto save which is already available on the App .and the 2nd one is for permanent auto save which is I requested . i don’t want to loose my again any project by mistake doing by clear the junk files its trace your files of Auto save is junk cache & delete it .so I protect my files for future edit .hope you now understand its

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Manual file + save as been part of computer architecture for decades. Just adding that in, it’s really not difficult to do. It’s building up a habit. Also, make duplicates - I do this a lot. Save then Save As. I personally don’t use Auto-Save at all because it disrupts my personal workflow by saving in intervals where I may not want my project saved at that point for various editing reasons. Honestly, it really is as simple as every now and again, just hitting save. It’s how we’ve worked with computers for a dogs age man. :+1:


Something like this I want it’s too its good Idea /not by just do move bar to the left its gives you save but I don’t want that time of disrupt its freeze your work .