Swiping to another app and back erases all work since last save

Something’s happened a few times recently and it’s really upsetting. I’ll work for a bit, then get a message from a friend, switch to the message app, switch back and get a blank screen for a second then my model appears with all of my work gone. Basically it just reverts to the last auto save.

The problem is, it usually doesn’t do this, but it does sometimes. Does it depend on lent-goth of time outside of Nomad? Or number of apps?

Well either way, I’m not really complaining, it’s still the best app ever. Just hoping for a fix.


There’s a chance iOS/Android is closing down the app when you switch out to conserve memory. Might need to divulge more information (OS, Nomad build version, available RAM on scene file) for deeper troubleshooting.

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Treat Nomad like any Desktop app, never leave without saving, and you’ll never loose again.

iOS does that automatically. No fix possible.

It does that to free memory, your only solution is to use less memory in Nomad or have an iPad with more RAM.

Actually I would say the opposite!

Moving an App to the background in mobile is seen as the same thing as minimizing an app in desktop (or simply switching window).
But in reality that’s completely different because OS desktop have more RAM but also memory virtualization (using disk as RAM, etc).
If you really exceed the total RAM on desktop, it’s usually super slow (or the desktop crash if you simply go crazy), but no app is killed.


Thanks very much for the reply and sorry to have bothered you. It’s what I’d feared. :sob: Oh well.

Sorry but that’s not really how anyone uses a phone or tablet. But I’ll be more careful for sure.

It seems you were right! I just have to be more aware of what I’m doing.

On my end with 4 gigs ram iOS is shutting down Nomad only when I start Procreate.