Yikes! Losing all your work!

I ran into an issue where I was forced to delete the app, and reinstall it from the App store. To my horror, I saw that I lost all my projects!!

Could we add an option, to save somewhere else, outside teh nomad structure, so that we do not lose our work?

Argh sorry, but it’s an iOS behaviour, I don’t have any control on that.
You should never delete the app (you can simply delete or rename the files if you have exceptional issues, see FAQ)
To save everything you can copy the Nomad folder.
Afaik that’s how Procreate works as well.

I wish iOS would do something similar to Android (when you uninstall, there’s an option to leave the existing files as is, thus only uninstalling the app).

Hi Steph,

I imagined that would be the answer.

I have actually found me a solution for this, so I am not losing everything again.

I created a ShortCut, that copies my Nomad/project folder to my icloud in a specific folder… this is then automated to happen every day at 7 in the morning !!

so a workaround, but it saves me :slight_smile:

All the best,