Nomad files disappear for no reason

My Nomad files have begun to randomly disappear. I did not delete them. I saved them multiple times with multiple versions. I don’t have this happen with any other apps. I lost a very important file I put hours upon hours of time into and I’m sick to my stomach. Never seen anything like this before. Any help would be appreciated.

I need more information.

Enough storage in your device?
How did you “save them” (in-app or outside)?

I feel with you, but my technician always says, and I hate him for that because he is right:
“If you don’t have a back up, any lost is your fault.”

If files randomly disappear, even in Nomad only, it could be anything, also a broken HD.
A backup of all files on a different device, medium, cloud service would be my first step now. Just to save what is left.

I made a quick search and was lead to different recover guides only wanting to sell recovering apps.

But as Stephomi mentioned, you need to give detailed information about your system to maybe get more detailed help.
Which OS? Exact version, nomad version. In you case I would also look at storage and left free disk space. Do you have any cloud backup?

Thanks for the responses…. I’m using a first gen iPad Pro with IOS 15.5. The version of Nomad is 1.65. I’ve been saving each version of the document in the default location - ‘projects.’ I have the iCloud Drive as back up. That’s why this is so strange - I have plenty of free disk space and this isn’t happening with any other apps. Just Nomad.

If you are talking about the option in the iOS settings, then it doesn nothing (as with almost any apps, same as with Procreate).

Are you using “save” or “export”? :confused:
Just making sure you are not using export to export in Nomad internal folders

Wow - you are right about the folders not being backed upon my iCloud Drive… I’m now using an external drive to back it up. I was definitely saving them properly though… I also reinstalled Nomad.