Files are disappeared

I saved a copy of the project. Then I opened the first one and it was empty. I opened the second one, it was also empty. After restarting Nomad, all projects disappeared. All projects are lost and I don’t know what to do

With the information you provide the only thing I can tell you is, do you have backup copies?

What’s inside the Nomad folder?

There is no current project, previous files are ok

i wish there is a backup feature that puts your project in your home directory instead of the nomad application directory so when something happens to nomad your projects will be safe :smile:
For example i uninstalled nomad normally my projects will be gone. but if we have an external folder if we re install again the projects remain :smile:

You can move/copy your files to any folder at any time. I back up my Nomad folder periodically to both my iCloud as well as an external hard drive so if I were to delete Nomad off my device I can still restore my projects.

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Oh that works thanks :blush: