Why is there no copy & paste - only duplicate?

1 . If there was a copy function, then you could copy something in project 1 and open another scene and paste the object there again - you can’t do that with duplicate.

  1. If there would be a copy function, then you could create and copy an object and then use the UNDO function.

If you duplicate and use UNDO then you delete the duplicate.

Please do not ask why I want to use UNDO…
It is sometimes helpful to change a mesh to create another object, but the change is not needed afterwards…

At the moment, unfortunately, only export and then use UNDO helps.

Why is there no Copy ?


To copy is to duplicate. It’s the same thing. Maybe elaborate on the function that you’re going after And how you would want copy and duplicate to interact differently with the undo button

Thank you for your reply. But duplicate is something different than copy - copy uses the clipboard ! Nomad Sculpt does not use the clipboard ! On Apple devices the clipboard is across devices, so using Copy would allow pasting on the Mac or Iphone or other app.
A copy in the clipboard would not be deleted by UNDO steps - a created duplicate will be deleted in Nomad Sculpt.

Example: in Procreate you can copy (to the clipboard) or duplicate a layer or selection.

A copied / cut object will not appear until it is pasted again.


I agree that duplicate is definitely not the same thing, a super useful situation for example is to copy a mesh from one project to the other. If I say want a simple leaf I made in one project I can’t copy and paste that into my other project, can I?

At the moment, unfortunately, copy and paste does not work in another project.
You have to export / save the object as a single object and open it in the new scene…

Exactly, importing a project will import all the hidden assets and whatever as well. I might just want one item. Then I have to “save as” project, delete unwanted items and then import the new saved. Huge amount of extra steps just to copy a single mesh…

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You can save selection

Yes, but it’s cumbersome and it doesn’t explain the question - why there is no Copy function. Are there any technical problems in the app for a copy / paste function ?

I suppose the iPad would have to commit the copy into ram, which essentially would double the ram usage? I’m not sure about the technical aspect but maybe this would be the case?

Because I have better thing to do first.

Yes, that, although it can be stored in a temporary file.
And obviously UI/UX integration that everyone thinks is an obvious task (while also complaining all the time that most 3d software are “hard to learn”).

Couldn’t agree more, it would definitely help with work flow specifically with being able to save the mesh and not losing it by undoing. A small button on the bottom row would be perfect and would get it’s fair use.

I’m all for the better things coming first. I know I’m a bit of a different case, but I’ve yet to find a single instance where this would have helped me in any way or saved me even a moment of time.

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Yeah I agree, I have two files, a high res and a low res, I had to fix one piece of geometry in one but it is difficult to copy it to the other project to have it updated. Would be nice to see a copy/paste or export selected geometry as a native nomad file. On the topic of low res / high res, it would be great to see a switch in the main file that flicks between the two.

Use “save as”

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Oh awesome! thanks for that info! Totally missed that!

But also going in and out of a project will make me lose my undo history, I mean, I get that for the developer of the app it’s work to be done. But arguing that it’s not a good thing to have makes no sense to me. The copy/paste function is about as essential as undo/redo.

It saves a bunch of time and could probably be utilized in many ways more than what we’ve mentioned above :man_shrugging:t4:

No one said it’s no good.
But each priority list is different, and only one counts. :vulcan_salute:

“Save as” & “selected” is delivering something for Holger’s first request.
If you choose a short name like “a” for this you always overwrite, it could be quite quick already.

Maybe you can build something with shortcut app? I still need to learn this thing.

Btw. You’ll loose your undo history anyway. Even with copy you need to close / open your projects.