Is there a copy and paste function?

so I did one leg of a model and want to copy another leg. Is there a way to select, copy and paste?

Thanks, Yes I don’t want to mirror from the start. I scanned this object and brought it into nomad. One leg was fine the other was crap. I want to copy and paste the left leg ( duplicate it )

If you don’t want 2 left legs then a mirror would be a good option :smiley:

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Um yeah but I just want to clone that bit, and sculpt it. I can rotate it.

Clone is the “copy & paste” function you’re looking for - go to Gizmo tool and select clone on the left menu. Then move the object using the gizmo & you’ll end up with a clone. Can’t clone a part of an object, so need to clone and chop off the bit you don’t need.

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