Mirror of layer?

pardon me if this is easily found somewhere, I swear I did look but was still confused.
I’m new to Nomad, but have been using Blender. Although the sculpting in Blender I couldn’t figure out, partly because it was on a laptop versus Nomad on my tablet with a nice pressure sensitive stylus.

I am creating a creature of sorts, I made one arm, as a separate body part (again still learning, I actually have just learned how to effectively use masking today thanks to Nomad!) I got the arm and hand looking good. Now in blender I could duplicate and then mirror. how could I do that here?

Do you want to mirror an object so that both sides are the same? Or do you want to make a mirror copy of your object? Both can be done in the Symmetry menu (looks like two triangles next to each other.

There’s the Mirroring function that will make an object symmetrical along an axis and the Flip object function which flips (mirrors) the object.

Duplicating can be done either in the Scene menu (two squares, one on top of the other) or using the Clone function while using the gizmo tool.

yes, I want to flip (mirror) an object I already made. that is the downside to trying so many different programs, everyone has their own terminology.
I just haven’t figured out how in the symmetry menu to flip the object.
I have the arm and hand. and obviously if I duplicate it and rotate either the palm is facing the back of the creature, or the thumb is in the wrong orientation. which is when you need the mirror.

Here’s a good explanation of mirroring & symmetry from Southerngfx:

SouthernGFX probably explains it thoroughly and well but here’s a screenshot of the tool you want (Flip Object):

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It is also possible to mirror the objects in the Gizmo Matrix - with the value -1 - in the scale area.
Before that, of course, clone/duplicate the object.
Flip in symmetry Menu works also…