Working in global symmetry?

I wonder if it’s possible to work on a “global’ mirror on object level?

If I was to model an airplane using Gravity Sketch, I would enable the mirror feature, and when I add an object, it’s mirrored over the world axis, so when I form one wing, the mirrored wing is also modeled at the same time, and if I rotate one wing, the other wing is also rotated.

Is something like this also possible in Nomad? I know I can enable symmetry on an object, so when I paint or edit the mesh, it is mirrored, but can I mirror the object it self?


In the Symmetry menu there are options such as “mirror” or “flip object”, did you try them?

(it’s not real time though)

Hi Stephomi

I have tried to use the mirror and flip object, but as I understand it - I need to model the “wing”, and then mirror it when its finished ?

Don’t get me wrong - I’m amazed by this app!


Yes on when you want to sync the symmetry.

There’s a mirror option in Nomad when you add a primitive, did you use it?
Then you move the object the mirrored object moves as well.

If your object is not a primitive, then you need to enable symmetry, if your mesh is not symmetrical make sure to hit the “mirror” button at least one time, then symmetry should work.

A technical point:
If you want to use the the gizmo or transform, make sure that “sym” is activated (the “sym” button for transform is not shared with the sculpting tools)

Hi stephomi

Thank you for taking you time to answer my questions :slight_smile:

Yes - when I add primitives I activate the mirror function and I get to objects that are mirrored, and they actually work the way I think about, if I rotate one, the other is also rotated.

As soon I validate the primitives they become one object and I can’t no longer rotate or move them separately, but all the model and paint tools work fine.

So as I understand it, if I need to change the position or rotation, I can use the separate action, rotate, scale and move tool, and then mirror the obejct again. That could work.

I think I just need to adapt to the way it works in Nomad :slight_smile:


You can make it work but it’s a bit tricky for now.

You need to click the pivot button and move the gizmo on the center on one of the object. Make sure that « Sym » is enabled with the gizmo tool.

The tricky part is that it only work with one side of the object (by default it seems you need to move the pivot on the left side). Also you shouldn’t cross the symmetry line, otherwise the surface will be stretched.

Maybe one day I’ll add an option for mirrored mesh, similar to primitive.