Mirror a layer/copy layer to another object

Hello! Sorry, I didn’t know where to put this. I’m currently sculpting some wings, which are not symmetrical. One wing is painted differently than the other. Each is a separate object. I did the sculpted details on one wing as a layer, and am wondering if there is a way to copy this layer onto the other wing(and also flip the layer). I know I could have joined them at the beginning and then sculpted symmetrically, but I didn’t. I tried mirroring, but it just overrides the whole object on the opposite side, and I just need the sculpted details from my layer. So a mirror function for the layer only, or a way to copy the layer to the other object. Is this possible? Does anyone have any other solutions for copying details from one sculpture to another? Thanks.

The nomad file is too large to attach since it has to hold the details of the painting. Here is a screenshot.

Maybe it’s possible but it could be tricky, having the file could help me check if what I have in mind would work.

If the geometry is the same, I’m thinking :

  • mirroring the wing
  • create an empty layer
  • use Vertex projection (Topology menu) with “Sync layer” off
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Can you send a screenshot or preferably the NOM file?

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Thank you for the reply. The geometry is not the same for each wing, it has a slight variation, so this method doesn’t work. Maybe there is a way to project the color map on a mirrored version of the sculpted wing instead?

Thank you for the reply. I attached a screenshot to the original post. The nomad file is too big since it needs to hold the detail of the color/painting.

If I’m going to be honest, I don’t understand why you just erase / cut away the wing with no/wrong color and mirror the other wing. Or is it really about transferring layer information to another object, because that won’t work in this case.
Otherwise, any workaround in this case will take longer than completely redoing the wings in a few minutes.

Yeah, i can just take a few hours to sculpt the other wing, but it would be nice if if there was a way to replicate the details onto another object, especially since this isn’t the first time this has happened and it definitely won’t be the last. Copying/projecting the layer onto another object is something i thought would be a normal feature, so i was asking about it. but thank you for the reply. Vertex projection may be a possible solution if i can get the geometry to be almost the same or if my objects have the same geometry in the future.