Nomad Sculpt - Instances / Groups & mirror symmetry (V1.66 -20.10.2022)

A small tutorial on how to mirror an instance or a group.

If you want to move BOTH objects symmetrically, you have to set the GIZMO TARGET to VERTEX !


Following your tutorial I can’t mirror the group. I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.
Attach screen capture, the instance is moved in weird place :sweat_smile:
What I missed?

Try uniform scale - off.
With transform then on +0.7

It’s probably to simply add a mirror repeater and validate it afterwards rather than scaling by hand.

(don’t know what you did but you probably need to turn off uniform scale before scaling x -1)

Don’t work, seems that only mirrors the first element of the group

If you mirror repeat and validate, then they are no longer instances - so you can’t symmetrically sculpt in a pose on both meshes left / right at the same time in different orientations.

Did you really select the whole group including all objects?

I followed the tutorial of @Holger_Schoenischka instancing a group and mirroring it.
But adding the repeater doesn’t have the mirror when I modify one of the elements, the goal is to maintain the mirror amb pose the elements individually :grinning:

Yes, attach screen capture. The whole arm is displaced in wrong place seems.

You are getting closer !
Try it in a new scene with less and simpler objects…

If you validate a repeat node, it makes instances.

Yes, but I can’t pose individually the elements, separating the group I can pose but the mirror is lost, isn’t?

This is NEW in 1.67 it still worked completely different, when validating the repeater nodes the objects have been converted to normal objects and the polycount has increased.

I explained this 2-3 days ago in a video … :wink:.

This is better, but I have not heard anything about this change.
This changes some things completely again.
Now you can mirror with mirror repeater and split the groups again with validate - that didn’t work before.

I am happy :grinning: but I can delete my videos…

My tutorial is now out of date - now just use the mirror node for the group and validate it.
The individual groups / instances are now preserved and the symmstimmt, the polycount is also not increased…

Hmm, weird because I don’t recall having changed anything in that regard.
Maybe join children was activated.

Was in 1.67 join children by default ON ?
I just tried it, in 1.68 this setting is OFF - and in 1.67 it was ON.
Small hook, big different effect !

It was even in the 1.66 release yes.
The default value is ON.

Following your video I can’t reproduce the result, first when validate I can’t get 2 groups, all is in the same group, looking the join children option I’m not be capable of found it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Holger_Schoenischka @stephomi in front of my face the “children option”, sorry if was a silly question but I was a bit confused to see how it was done, I swear I repeat the validation several times and I don’t saw the option :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I also totally skipped this option - because I NEVER pressed validate again, because when I validated I thought of NORMAL VALIDATE - so the loss of the instances.