Mirroring groups possible?

I have a group with eye, eyelids and eyelashes. Is it possible to mirror the whole group instead having to do them individually? Thanks in advance.

Make them into a group by using Join. Copy the group. Then use Flip in Symmetry menu. Then you can use Separate function in groups 3-Dot menu (scene list).

Of course, you can put the entire group in a mirror repeater. Select the complete group and press ADD Mirror or drag the group into the repeater. Groups work with every repeater.

Pay attention to the gizmo position of the repeater.
You don’t have to join or copy or flip.

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Thanks Holger. The mirror repeater does exactly what I was asking for! I can scale and move the groups or the individual objects. Oddly the top of the stack lets me move the gizmo but doesn’t affect the nested groups. I assumed this would act more like a null object affecting it’s children. But hey what it does is great! Thanks.

You can get different behaviour:

  • if you select only the mirror node vs the mirror+its children (you can toggle between both selection by cliking on the mirror node in the scene menu)
  • if you change the gizmo target (group vs object, see screenshot)

stephomi thanks for the tip. I will try that tonight!