Gizmo Mirroring?

Hey everyone, first time poster, I couldn’t find anything that answered my questions so I decided to make a new topic on the matter.

I am encountering an issue with the gizmo on models, I use symmetry when I’m sculpting to ensure that my models are consistent.

What I tend to do for proper posing of the parts is group them so they move together. (I.e. fingers grouped to hand, grouped to forearm, grouped to bicep) so I edit the gizmo position anchored to the joint for proper movement.

However I encounter an issue when I am ready to remove the symmetry, and reposition the asymmetrical objects. Most of the time I clone each individual mirrored part and flip the object on the world symmetry line. But my issue is that the Gizmos will not follow the flipped object and i have to manually reposition each individual joint’s gizmo.

Normally, for most of the large parts like legs, arms, and large muscle groups, this isn’t too much of an issue. But for each individual finger it becomes extremely tedious.

Am I just missing something, and there’s a way to have the gizmo follow? Or am I just resigned to being Sisyphus and moving each gizmo until a feature could eventually be added?


The gizmo’s position on the cloned and flipped models stays at the original position after the flip.

I never flip objects for this. I use the mirror node, then I validate the mirror and keep instances. Never have problems with pivot anker positions.

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I will give this a try and see if it resolved my issue. I do all my sculpting in mirror to keep the parts symmetrical, but when I validate it moved the gizmo to the center between the two. But I will research the validation and check my settings.

The problem is when using the Flip Object tool- it keeps the original’s gizmo location. If you want the flipped/mirrored object to have the mirrored gizmo, use the “+ Add” tool in the object menu and choose Mirror.

This will create the mirrored objects but keep them in the hierarchy. Once you validate the mirrored objects, the gizmo will transfer correctly.


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I am familiar with mirrors but hadn’t tried the instance settings, thanks for the help!