Tubes - Flipping Help Please

Hi All,
I’m new to Nomad sculpt and I’m finding it an incredible app… but… I have made a mistake.

I am creating something that uses a ton of tubes, all unique and have taken an age to get into place.
My issue is I mirrored 5 tubes, I carried on sculpting these intricate tubes, adding a few more. I took away the mirror and found that the additional tubes were sculpted “in the mirror”
And therefore are now on the other side of the model to the original 5.

I think that tubes can’t be flipped… is that correct? I dont want to validate as I need to alter the tubes once the client has seen the project.

The gizmo doesn’t scale the tubes backwards - with Sketchup you carry on the scaling, dragging the scale handles until the model is mirrored (into the minus - ). Is there a setting you can set the gizmo to do this behaviour. Currently the nomad gizmo gets to zero then goes back into positive scaling

Any help much appreciated
Thank you in advance

I found the answer….

Scale x -1 in gizmo setting?