Tube tool symmetry missing?

Was that functionality removed from Nomad? I’ve seen it in YouTube tutorials recently. It’s an essential feature I think.

Works like before. Draw tube, check mirror, done.
Works even with rotational symmetry now!

The Sym button in the tube panel to the left is missing. The symmetry options state ‘The current tool ignores symmetry’. When I draw a tube I click the mirror button, and a mirrored shape appears, but the mirror button deselect when I start drawing a new tube, so I have to manually click mirror after every tube. Thats not how I see it in tutorials on YouTube. I’ve been trying to solve this mystery for a couple hours now. My app version is 1.55, I’m on iPad Air 3

You are correct.
That is not the same.
Came up earlier already in 1.54 or 1.53 I guess.
Mirror should be remembered as well, like radius etc.

It is a UI Feedback, imho.
If symmetry is activated, why should one have to press mirror also?
But if mirror is activated, you can change things in symmetry menu.

My best guess is to delete mirror from all creation menus and listen to symmetry option directly.
Or am I missing something? Would not be the first time……

As a workaround you can use an not validated tube and transform gizmo + clone.
Draw a tube, do not validate, activate mirror, select transform gizmo, tap on clone, transform & change path points, clone & transform again and so on. Hope that helps a bit.
Not as fluent as just drawing though.

Just found out that cloning a not validated tube works with full radial symmetry. You are cloning 96. tubes at once then. :blush:

The source of confusion is that there is 2 things: object mirroring and sculpt symmetry.
But there is only one scenario for now where you can use both at the same time: triplanar (sculpt = mask).

I’m still thinking on what is the best way to present things.

But the while symmetry/mirror thing will definitely change again, especially when I’ll add instancing (you can see instancing as the same thing as primitive mirroring but with sculptable object, and without the transparency effect, the instances could appear in the scene list as well).

Although it’s a bit accidental and not really intended that way you can already use « primitive mirroring » with sculptable objects by using inser « clone » feature (however there is a bug where paint will be lost when you validate the primitive, this bug was already there before though)

It is? If you use insert with the same primitive type, the setting retains.
However it doesn’t work with tube/lathe tools, but it probably should.

@Timur_Xyd the mirror option can be found in the topology panel (usually there is a visible popup on the top but you probably hid it)

Thank you for your long explanation.
Meanwhile I was also remembering that it is the same in I.e. 3Ds Max.
It’s logical indeed.
But in Nomad, everything feels easy and artistic. Feels like I am always painting, no matter if geometry or sculpting or paint. Maybe that’s the reason why it feels a bit overdone, a relict of gone times.
But logical you are absolut correct and it makes sense.

Remembering mirror for tube would be cool though.