Clone & Mirror multiple objects without validating?

Got a serious bunch of tubes.
Would love to clone them, and mirror-flip them at once without validating for easy manipulating later. Any ideas??

Clone works without validating. You should mirror the tubes when you create them. I think otherwise you will have to rearrange / mirror every single tube later.

One workaround for mirroring is to use scale -1 with non uniform scale.

Thank you guys.
I tried the -1 scale trick before. That’s what I am used to from another soft.
But unfortunately, the matrix executes numerical input on last selected only, not on the whole set.
Would be nice and logical.
Same if mirror is activated from symmetry menu.

As far as I know, action on selection is only allowed for paint all and transform via Gizmo and voxel remeshing operations.
Generally it’s blocked.

-In scene menu, hide, clone, move, rename on selection, executes on last selected only.
-Material assigning is blocked for selections.
-layers menu is blocked

In new scene menu, this would be necessary anyway and a big jump ahead to manipulate selections with scene tools.
Hide, unhide with an option to hide hidden objects completely in list.
Move selection for faster organising scene.
Clone for cloning on place without moving Gizmo.
Rename could open a tiny dialogue asking for incremental naming and starting number, maybe asking as prefix or suffix as well.

Together with named selections, that are put into a folder, also with hide, clone, move and rename options would make basics complete.
This would already solve 90% of issues for mass manipulation inside Nomad.
If changed anchor point is saved for folders/selection sets, another big portion is solved.

This would be nothing fancy to win innovation awards with, but would do the job.

@Holger_Schoenischka activating mirror would manipulate both sides. I wanted to manipulate left and right separately, best with not validated curves.
I’ll do it with simple merge and move+connected topology now. It’s not so nice but can do the trick. Especially changing hair stands tips for a nice flow is a mess with move tool. Also, at a certain point, moving with move tool stops working. Like if there is a invisible wall.
It flattens the object more than anything else. That’s my experience from last hair mess.