Mirror - Voxel Remesh - Issues

Not sure if this is a bug or just an annoyance on my end. When I have multiple objects that I want to merge together - Example: Sphere (body), tube tool (limbs w/ mirror on). If I select all the shapes and voxel merge them together the mirrored portions disappear. In order to have this not happen I need to not only validate the original tube but also validate the mirror hierarchy.

Is it possible to have Nomad skip this validation step and keep the mirrored portions during a voxel remesh? I’ve noticed that this has misaligned my symmetry as well and I had to tweak the symmetry edit feature to sorta get things back together (not perfect but did what I needed).

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Can you show exactly how what you are selecting before voxel remeshing

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Yessir. I created a new scene with basic shapes. Please pay attention to the last part because I undo and then attempt selecting all shapes with the selection tool and then voxel remeshing everything and it works but flips the normals.

@stephomi Just want to make sure this went through. Let me know if you need me to do anything else :slight_smile:

You need to select the mirror node as well.
As for the flipped bug it should be fixed on next release.

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