Unvalidated Tubes + Post Processing Query

Hi Stephane, sorry - just wanted to ask you are Tubes supposed to be auto-validated if Post Processing is turned on before validation?

Double sorry. It seemed to be a one off. Peculiar. When I cloned the Tubes and had them in multitude Post Processing didn’t validate it. Not sure what happened.

Postprocesses have nothing to do with tube validation, not sure what you are talking about.

I’m not sure either, the Tube was suddenly validated after I did that; probably just error on my end without me realising, but the validation wasn’t in my history when I tried to undo it like it would have normally been - it was weird behaviour that hasn’t happened again.

I set an unvalidated tube to additive and turned on bloom, I was making lightning strikes which I wanted to edit with the bloom already on, it was then it was validated, hit the undo several times and it didn’t go back to an unvalidated tube. It was peculiar enough hence why I reported it. I tried to replicate it, hasn’t happened since. :man_shrugging:

Could you have done a simple merge, as that validates all objects? When you separate, the objects continue to be validated.

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I didn’t want them validated lol, the second post was a bit garbled - ignore that one sorry! The final post explains the phenomenon and what I was doing at the time!

Lol, I didn’t mean that you wanted to validate, I meant maybe you simple merged at some point. I realise that you connected the issue with going to post process, but thought with the cloning and duplication you may simply have merged before cloning & you can’t go back from that. I try to keep objects invalidated as long as possible because as you know, they are re-workable.
Personally, I can’t wait for parent-child grouping & instancing to be added to Nomad. It’ll change everything :+1:t2:

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Lol I see what you mean man! But no merge happened :frowning: - it was an independent tube on its own, the weird thing happened after bloom. I ended up deleting that one and just made a new one, then cloned them to see if it would happen again. I just don’t think I explained it properly in the first instance, I keep tubes unvalidated for as long as possible whilst frame building which I am thorough and almost religious about because of the work ive had to re-do in the past after validating, going into a carve, realising something off and needed to make anew, Parent-child groups would be amazing, hopefully in future builds!! Thank you for the additional insights my friend!

No worries man, we’re all in this together. I enjoy troubleshooting and helping others, and even find myself trying to reproduce bugs that others report, simply so that I can dodge them myself in the future. However, Stephane moves so fast that there isn’t really any need to log the bugs as he is a machine at fixing them. I appreciate him and this app so much!
Parent-child & instancing is on the development map as it’s been mentioned, but in the meantime even the small improvements are really appreciated. Good to chat mate :+1:t2:

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Amen to that my friend, the sentiments are returned. Stephane does a lot of wonderfully hard work for this app and the community around it. We all try to pitch in a little in the ways we can to help continuously support him, this app and by extension the greater community. I enjoy it thoroughly when people jump in on threads, hopefully discuss more in future! :pray:

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